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Truly Cool Redesign

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Design and build out new mobile first, blazingly fast, joyous to maintain showcase that lives up to the name of the domain :)

"Try to make the easy things easy, and the hard things possible."

Interesting Problems Solved

Happy 25th Birth-da-versary!

Finding the bandwidth to tend your own designs takes dedication, expierience, and time. In those rare cases where the stars align, one might have a chance to push the state of the art as far forward as reasonable possible...

The architecture of this is heading towards that bleeding tech edge. It's a direct response to the current state of CMS/template driven sites becoming "headless". This allows for more modern, performant front ends to be incorporated with their venerable content/editor experience on the backend management side.

Taken to the logical extreme, and it's clear that in many cases we can get rid of the overhead of database calls for every page load. If our content only changes a few times a day, building a static side from that database backend will have massive benefits in speed for users, resource usage on your server, and security...

And the good news from the edge is...things are looking great! The "jamstack" is still young. It often requires re-implementing all kinds of what feel like "basic" features in a LAMP stack app; pagination for example.

But it's solid. And faaast. And getting better by the moment.

Great developer experience now. Great content creator/editor experiece available upon developer build out...

"Conceive. Create. Connect."

Tech Stack

Some things old, and some things new :)

"Right tool, right time, right mind."