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Build out new Drupal 8 site. Create Drupal modules for integration with custom on campus Laravel CMS. Develop plugins for custom Laravel CMS to improve content authoring experience and file/asset uploads. Deliver Live Reload/DevOps VMs for continuing Drupal & Laravel development.

"Make it easy to do the right thing, even if it's hard."

Interesting Problems Solved

Their first experience with Drupal which had just launched a new major version, requiring connection to a large and active custom intranet, was definitely headed towards the bleeding edge...

Created a virtual machine image with Live Reload devops server and several other build utilities removing significant friction points from Drupal and Laravel code and design production pipeline. Allowed for easy debugging and exploration while learning new code stack.

Coded user friendly content creation & asset upload components for custom Laravel CMS.

"You don't have to automate every thing; just automate the often things."

Tech Stack

A few of our favorite things...

"The more friction points you remove from the creative process, the less likely you are to get stuck."