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Multi - adj. - (prefix) Consisting of more than one.
Media - noun - 1.) Transmissions that are disseminated widely to the public 2.) A means or instrumentality for communicating.

When looking around the web today, it's easy to get confused by the term "multimedia". For most sites, multimedia apparently means moving text. Where does the "multi" come in?

We offer not only visual animations, but sounds and original music creation too.

Tasteful use of sound and music can really help set the mood of your site, and for some sites is completely essential. Imagine a site like where you couldn't hear any stories, or where you couldn't hear the stunning guitar work. Even a site like International Britannia's Global Locations page, while possibly gratuitous to some (though really not too bad for 1999), was nonetheless popular with many visitors, young and old.

Whether you have existing sound or animations, or need it help creating such, we can put the "multi" into your multimedia website.

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