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Below are our standard offerings; bundles, custom configurations and co-location are also available.
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Account Specifications Setup Fee Monthly Fee
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unlimited email address forwarding, 200 mailboxes, RealAudio® support, 250Mb disk space, 20Gb/month traffic, no shell login, no CGI $60 $15.95
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unlimited email address forwarding, 400 mailboxes, RealAudio® support, 500Mb disk space, 40Gb/month traffic, shell login (for email, web maintenance), no CGI $65 $21.95
Click for More Info Standard
unlimited email address forwarding, 800 mailboxes, RealAudio® support, 1000Mb disk space, 60Gb/month traffic, system CGI (counters, guestbooks, forms, etc.) $70 $31.95
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unlimited email address forwarding, 1000 mailboxes, RealAudio® support, 3000Mb disk space, 200Gb/month traffic, full CGI (system and any custom scripts) $75 $54.95
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unlimited email address forwarding, 2000 mailboxes, RealAudio® support, SSL encryption (required for use with one of the Secure Online Store Add Ons listed below), 4000Mb disk space, 240Gb/month traffic, full CGI (system and any custom scripts) $100 $74.95
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